Hey there, I am LaPorshia Owens, owner and CEO of Lavish Life Studio. Lavish life is my obsession, my baby (literally since there are no kiddos with my DNA running around), and soon to be empire that I started with $600 and a dream in August of 2014.  Like the saying goes, “There is no elevator to success; you have to take the stairs.” This has definitely been my case with Lavish Life. I wake up, pray for it, then eat, breath, and live it.

I was blessed to be put on this earth with quite a few different talents, I decided to combine them all and call it Lavish Life Studio. It seemed to be a tad bit better decision than dedicating my entire life to one and wasting all of my other God given gifts. As a massage therapist my world revolves around helping others feel better, which I couldn't help but notice was fitting since my greatest satisfaction comes from helping, and empowering others!

Well take a stroll through our website, connect with me on social media, even book an appointment and check out our services. Until next time, live life lavishly.


LaPorshia Nicole