I’m sure you have all noticed those fabulous Naturalista’s taking the world by storm. They are everywhere! Strutting around town with their curly dos and rocking their fabulous protective styles. I must admit it does thrill me to see so many beautiful women embracing their roots and accepting themselves for who they are. As beautiful as this entire movement is the decision to go natural not only takes courage but a drastic change in your hair care routine. Many say they spend more than double the amount of time with their natural hair than they did with relaxed manes. As a Naturalista myself I confess that my hair demands much more of my attention than it did two years ago. The secret to my madness …protective styles! Specifically my signature crochet braids that I and many of my clients can’t seem to get enough of.

It is critical to these flawless chicks to keep their manes in tip top shape and protective styling play’s a huge part. Crochet braids allows them to do so while still wearing some natural looks similar to their own hair. Now I am not referring to those wormy like braids our mothers and grandmothers put in our hair as children (How dreadful where those things). This is the new and improved version. The style that allows you to get Senegalese Twists and Box Braids in less than half of the time, Kinky curly looks similar to your own look but fuller, and much more.

Crochet Braids are meant to be a 100% protective style which consists of cornrowing you natural hair and crocheting in your hair of choice. This eliminates the need for you to tamper with your natural hair and allows it to grow while taking a break from the washing, combing, heat, and any other usual maintenance required. While the hair underneath needs little to no maintenance it is important that it is thoroughly washed, conditioned, and moisturized prior to braiding it down and crocheting in your hair of choice. In order for protective style to work you have to be sure the hair underneath is protected.

Well what are you waiting for? Run along and install your choice of this gorgeous protective style and let us know what you think. Also, sends us pics of an of you other favorite protective styles you have been obsessed with lately.


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