1.       The Shower is your friend – We know this may seems like common sense to most, but it happens. It can be very distracting and stomach upsetting to massage a client with bad hygiene. It is not only important to shower for obvious hygiene reasons but it will also help increase circulation and put you in a relaxing state prior to getting on the table.


2.       No Phones Allowed - On a massage table is not the best place to be texting your boss about your last assignment, or making plans with friends for the weekend. You came to me to relax and get away from all of that remember! We understand you want to capture that perfect selfie and brag about how pampered you’re being to your Instagram followers. But seriously, how do you possibly expect to be relaxed with your thumbs moving a hundred miles an hour on your phone?


3.       I really don’t care if your legs look like Scruff McGruff or not – Ladies, this one is for you. I can’t tell you how many times I hear “please excuse my hairy legs, I didn’t have time to shave” and then they immediately tense up the second I undrape one leg.  Our job is to reduce the tension in your body, to work on the knots built up in your back, neck, and shoulders, and be sure you are as relaxed as possible while I am doing so. Believe it or not, that is a lot of work to do within an hour or two of time. Things like “I need to be sure to prescribe her a stretching routine” are more likely going through my mind then the fuzz on your legs.


4.       Take it off - I understand the misconception that there is a connection between sex and massage therapy. There are individuals out there misrepresenting Massage Therapist and offering sexual favors instead of therapeutic massage. However, check out my reviews and it is clear that I am not one of them! Those individuals are not a part of our profession and should be put away!  I need a client to feel comfortable enough with me to be able to fully undress for their session. If you are complaining about lower back pain and you are wearing underwear that prevents me from reaching your entire lumbar region, you may leave with the same lower back pain you came in with. I am always concerned with my client’s modesty, so under NO circumstances am I reaching underneath your underwear. Moral of the story JUST TAKE IT OFF!


5.       Relax, I got this - On the table your job is to relax, mine is to do all of the work. If I lift your head and ask you to relax it in my hand to knead your neck and shoulders, DO EXACTLY THAT. Don’t try to hold your head up the entire time. I highly doubt your head is to heavy for me. Nothing about that is relaxing, not to mention you are straining your neck the entire time and reversing all of the hard work I just did.


Until next time,

Live Life Lavishly