The first thing that came to mind when I began hearing about coconut oil was oh great here’s another fly by night beauty product, and I’ll pass on checking this one out…meh! Unfortunately I couldn’t escape it, so I figured ok the Beauty Gods have spoken and I’m being subconsciously coerced into see what all the coconutty hype is about. I was knocking it before I tried it, then BAM the coconut oil gates opened and I begrudgingly walked through (que the bright lights, and slow music) only to find that there are endless health and beauty benefits to this amazing oily goodness! Since sharing is caring I thought I’d let all of my Lavish Lovers in on a few of the advantages.

1. Au Naturale for my Naturalistas – this amazing oil is naturally antibacterial and antifungal, as well as an excellent moisturizer that can penetrate your beautiful hair better than most other oils. How organically organic right!? With using organic products, as well as eating clean, and the many other new ways to be more health conscious you should go ahead and add this to your daily regimen. I promise you will be asking yourselves “ Is there anything more luscious than coconut oil?”

2.  Unconditional Love – since we’re already talking about how excellent of a moisturizer coconut oil is, keep following me into the light! There are a lot of conditioners that contain coconut oil, it’s better able to penetrate hair and prevent protein loss than mineral and sunflower oil according to research. It’s one of those amazing gems that you can use on almost anything, kinda reminded me of olive oil and it’s many uses (cooking, skin, hair). Give those tresses some lovin’ with a quarter sized dollop to your hair, comb it, and pile into a loose bun or a style that isn’t too restricting…put your favorite sleeping shirt on and hop in bed you’ll thank me in the morning! (I’d recommend placing a towel over your pillow or sleeping in a soft shower cap)

3. No Shaving Cream Necessary – instead of wasting precious beauty time scanning the array of shaving creams lining the shelves of your local Wally World, I have another solution for you. Yep you guessed it! COCONUT OIL in place of conventional shaving cream, no more stinky smelling hair removal products, or expensive cocktails of chemicals ; whip out your new faithful (instead of old faithful, remember this is new to me/us LOL!). Works amazingly well for a nice clean shave on legs and underarms, leaves your stems hydrated and smelling oh so yummy!

4. Burn Baby Burrrrn – I know this stuff has got you all tingly inside, but I’m not done yet! So we all know that obesity is currently one of the biggest health problems in the world, and what you eat and how you work out plays a big part in all of that. One interesting feature is that coconut oil can reduce your hunger, you read this right I said COCONUT OIL CAN REDUCE YOUR HUNGER! Be sure to do your own research as this is an oil based product.

5. Power Boost – ok so far we know that it’s anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and last but not least anti-viral sounds like we are totally on to something here folks! The oil contains a special acid that can break down bacteria and create a hostile environment for viruses (that’s a darn good thing). Coconut oil can be used as your natural fuel source when you’re sick, take 1 TBSP of coconut oil 3x daily when sick along with mom’s chicken noodle soup of course!

Feel free to comment or share your coconut oil experiences with us here at Lavish Life, we’d love to hear from you!

Until next time,

Live Life Lavishly